Waller 20 Year Wedding Renew

What an amazing day... celebrating this family and their 20 years of marriage! Their 9 kids along with family and friends were all a huge part of this day of celebration. John singing a song written just for Josee specifically for this day brought tears to all that were there especially Josee. Everyone played a little musical chairs, laughed in the photo booth, and danced themselves crazy the rest of the evening. WE ~ STILL ~ DO.

Smith Family

What a CRAZY, INSANE, and BLAST of a family session! We shot this in the winter so it was cold but the kids struggled through the freezing air very well... even with one child having a broke arm we had no major meltdowns. I have known this family for a few years now and they manage this large family and all the activities in Super Star fashion. Of coarse some of them might be considered super stars in their own right... Mom is Mrs, Georgia and multiple kids are musicians and actors. Laura (MOM) had an idea to capture one cool picture of all of them while incorporating the many talents and activities they have so of coarse I couldn't wait to make that shot happen for her. I can't say enough about how much I loved photographing this family.

Modern Justice League Birthday Party

Bethany and I have known each other for years .... my daughters were flower girls in her wedding. She has 2 gorgeous children and in her spare time runs a cute little online shop and styles fun party ideas, go check out her store SWEET GEORGIA SWEET. I am lucky enough to get to photograph some of her products and styled parties. This is seriously so much fun! Here is a link to her latest styled party featured on Kara's Party Ideas.


This Dad wanted to preserve the days when it was easy to spend some time with his son's so of coarse trekking through the woods on a cold morning in the winter sounded like an amazing plan to make this shoot super authentic. The guys were so much fun and did an awesome job. One of them even had his first Duck with him that he had just shot earlier. This is how you preserve your Legacy to show the next generations. 

Jessica + Kaleb Engagement

When Jessica contacted me about shooting her upcoming engagement session and mentioned an airplane I was super excited! Along with shooting with a friends airplane they decided to spend a little time out the covered bridge as well.  It just happened to be a really nice day so we weren't freezing to bad. Jessica and Kaleb were super sweet and you can really see it in their session.